Whenever we try to Stop or Start an Agent getting an error with Environment Variable

Whenever we try to Stop or Start an Agent getting the below error:

[svc_diagnt2@DEV.LOCAL@DEVADIY03 bin]$ ./agentshutdown.sh
ERROR:Undefined Environment Variable: DIYOTTA_HOME/DI_FLA_HOME(at least one should be set)
[svc_diagnt2@DEV.LOCAL@DEVADIY03 bin]$ export DIYOTTA_HOME=”/data/svc_diagnt2/diyotta”
[svc_diagnt2@DEV.LOCAL@DEVADIY03 bin]$ export DI_FLA_HOME=”/data/svc_diagnt2/diyotta/agent”
[svc_diagnt2@DEV.LOCAL@DEVADIY03 bin]$ ./agentshutdown.sh
Stopping Agent. PID:21059
Waiting for Agent to shut down………
Agent stopped.



I have tried setting the export commands  in the bash profile but still this is not getting saved. Can you provide information on how to resolve this issue?


[svc_dictrl@DEV.LOCAL@devadiy01 c0203018]$ export DIYOTTA_HOME=”/data/svc_dictrl/diyotta”

[svc_dictrl@DEV.LOCAL@devadiy01 c0203018]$ export DI_HOME=”$DIYOTTA_HOME/controller”

[svc_dictrl@DEV.LOCAL@devadiy01 c0203018]$ source ~/.bash_profile

[svc_dictrl@DEV.LOCAL@devadiy01 c0203018]$ exit


[root@devadiy01 c0203018]# su svc_dictrl@dev.local

[svc_dictrl@DEV.LOCAL@devadiy01 c0203018]$ echo $DIYOTTA_HOME


[svc_dictrl@DEV.LOCAL@devadiy01 c0203018]$ echo $DI_HOME


[svc_dictrl@DEV.LOCAL@devadiy01 c0203018]$


Beginner Asked on April 21, 2021 in Diyotta Admin.
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Can you include the below export commands in the bashrc and then save it.

export DIYOTTA_HOME=”/data/svc_dictrl/diyotta”

export DI_HOME=”$DIYOTTA_HOME/controller”

Logout from the user and log in back again then try to run the echo commands it should provide the expected results.

Expert Answered on April 22, 2021.
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