what is the use of dependency for SQL parameters and what is the order of execution for the parameters?

I have 10 SQL parameters and i assigned some parameters at initialize state, some are at before of design job and some are after of db command. How these SQL parameters will execute?

Beginner Asked on March 30, 2020 in Diyotta Studio.
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By default, the dependency is set as “Initialization” of the Job Flow. This means that the SQL query associated with the SQL parameter will be executed as part of Job Flow initialization which happens before the start of execution of any job in the Job Flow.


The Job order based on which dependent job are selected, as to when the execution of the SQL parameter should happen. This could be Before or After.

    • If Before is selected then, the SQL parameter will be executed just before the start of the dependent job.
    • If After is selected then, the SQL parameter will be executed after the successful completion of the dependent job.
Expert Answered on April 21, 2020.
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