Single mail notification required for entire design

Hi Team,

Need details to add a single failure mail notification for entire stream. We have stream with 2 designs and multiple SQLDB commands. We need a single mail notification when Design1 or Design2 fails or any SQL DB commands fail which are linked between two designs.

Aim is to have mail notification if any design or SQLDB fails a mail notification should trigger so indicate that job has failed.


Advanced User Asked on December 8, 2020 in Diyotta Studio.
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we can use the below dicmd command to setup an email notification after the execution

dicmd execute [-u userName -w userPassword] -c start|abort|stop|rerun|restartfromfailure -p ProjectName -l LayerName [-d [DataFlowName | DataStreamName] |-s JobFlowName] [-j jobName] [-f ParamName] [-param Parameters] [-i instanceName] [-email] [-mailTo] [-cc] [-subject subject] [-message message] [-logs]


You don’t have to specify this in the stream, we need to include the email options. as part of the dicmd command. The email notification would be received when a failure happens.
Sample Command:
dicmd execute -c start -p Project_1 -l Layer_1 -s S_Netezza_to_Hive -i ins_eu -email -mailTo -cc -subject ‘$$JobFlowName Failed’ -message ‘Job flow $$JobFlowName in the project $$ProjectName failed. Please see attached logs for more details.’ -logs

Expert Answered on December 14, 2020.
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