How do I disable a particular job present in the jobflow using dicmd/curl commands

I have jobflow which has many jobs included in it. I have requirement to disable a job present in it. How Can I do it from CLI or REST commands

Beginner Asked on October 1, 2020 in Diyotta Scheduler.
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Diyotta has included a new dicmd command which would disable one particular job present in the job flows


Syntax: dicmd changejobmode [-u userName -w userPassword] -m disable|enable -p ProjectName -l LayerName -s JobFlowName -j jobName


Example: dicmd changejobmode -u avinash -w P2wd_1234 -m disable -p TESTPROJECT -l Layer_1 -s j_FILE_to_HIVE -j TASK_NAME_2

CURL command:

Example : curl -X POST “” -H “Authorization:BQxKxU8XzYLKOLNKM67/eBIkHCq7EAQU/7X3ct+dIGA=”

Expert Answered on October 5, 2020.
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