How can i check dependencies of a object from CLI?

I want to see dependencies of a objects from CLI, how can i check?

Beginner Asked on March 11, 2020 in Tools & Utilities.
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Below is the syntax for get dependencies of a object through CLI command

Syntax: dicmd getdependency [-u userName -w userPassword] -p ProjectName [-l LayerName] [-g GroupName] [-o DOBJ|DATAPOINT|DATAFLOW|NSEQ|EXPR|UDF|DATASUBFLOW|PP] [-t NZ|TD|OR|FF|PG|DB|HV|MS|BI|CO|SF|HD|JS|HB|XD|SP|TW|FB|SK|JM|KK|CS|SY|SS|TS|SN|MY|BQ|RT|AV|PR|AZ|GC|RS|DR|AU|OF|DC|DX|ES|GA|GW|PS|MD|BS|AD|SA] -n ObjectName [-c ConnNm]

-> To get dependencies of a object through cur command, below is the syntax

Syntax: curl “” -H “Authorization:Og0ayD/FXGZz64cmqiq90Q==”

By using above commands we can see backward dependencies also

Expert Answered on March 24, 2020.
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