Diyotta scheduler the jobs are not starting all the jobs are moving into waiting on dependency state

In the prod environment, I have jobs scheduled at a specific time, but those jobs are not running all these are moving into waiting on dependency state. The scheduler job was on hold till 2 AM after that we have released it. Checked in admin also it is active state. But the jobs in activity canvas are still in WAITING ON DEPENDENCY state,


Beginner Asked on March 10, 2021 in Diyotta Scheduler.
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Hi Tommy,

Can you check the number of entries present in the Scheduler tables as shown below present in metadata?. We have seen a similar issue when it reaches close to a million.

Scheduler Counts:

select count(*) from sch_task_trig;

select count(*) from sch_task_alert;

select count(*) from sch_task_alert;

select count(*) from sch_task_inst;

If the counts are more than 50k records then perform the DELETE operations on these Scheduler tables by keeping 7 days older entries in these tables. Then the Scheduler jobs should be running as expected.  Can you please perform a CLEANUP of these operational tables for the last 7 days and have them scheduled on daily basis.

Expert Answered on March 18, 2021.
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