RE: What sets Diyotta apart from other data integration tools in the market?

What sets Diyotta apart from other data integration tools in the market?

SpandanaP Beginner Asked on July 19, 2019 in Architecture.
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Diyotta is a serverless data integration platform that connects enterprises to all their data. With our enterprise-class data integration solution, you will quickly and efficiently integrate diverse and emerging sources of data for modern processing environments, including Hadoop, Snowflake, Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, and others.


Faster, more accurate data integration and data provisioning

Diyotta is the first data integration solution to leverage the compute power of modern data processing platforms to transform, aggregate, and orchestrate data. Unlike traditional ETL tools, Diyotta eliminates separate middle servers used for data transformation, which means it delivers data faster and more accurately.

The only platform to support workloads on multi-platform data architectures

Diyotta is built on our proprietary agent-controller architecture, which moves data from any source to any target without complex hardware and configuration. Ours is the only platform on the market that supports workloads on multi-platform and multi_cloud data architectures. This allows you to manage multi-cloud, cloud, on-premises, and hybrid workloads with a single unified platform.

Diyotta is an intuitive, browser-based solution that is:

  • Easy to use
  • Metadata driven
  • Fast to deploy
  • Cost-effective
  • Enterprise ready
  • Cloud ready
Beginner Answered on July 25, 2019.
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