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I am trying to load oracle data into a snowflake. oracle is my source and snowflake is my target one field where oracle datatype is varchar(4000) while snowflake data type is text after executing I am getting below Error

can anyone help me out



NativeSQL execution failed:Numeric value ‘CONF WITH RON (RATE RESET) @ 2:45 ON 2/2/98.’ is not recognized File ‘@~/tmp/INVEST_TRADE_TEXT_1_1072006_1929285/INVEST_TRADE_TEXT_1_1072006_1929285.dat.gz’, line 2, character 1 Row 2, column “T_INVEST_TRADE_TEXT_1_1072006_1929285″[“ID”:1] If you would like to continue loading when an error is encountered, use other values such as ‘SKIP_FILE’ or ‘CONTINUE’ for the ON_ERROR option. For more information on loading options, please run ‘info loading_data’ in a SQL client.



WilliamS Beginner Asked on March 18, 2021 in Diyotta Studio.
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we can achieve by using LE IN String function ON, in your design go-to oracle and select Extract Properties change the LF In string off to ON then it will work and

data is also getting truncated as you expect
Below Screensort for your refrence

RE: Truncation error

Expert Answered on March 19, 2021.
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