RE: looper is not returning proper iteration values where there is a parameter change is done

The total number of times the loop needs repeated, is computed on the fly and assigned as LP_LOOP_COUNT var in LOOP_TEST. When we make LP_LOOP_COUNT a Job Flow parameter, we need to prepend the ‘$FL_’ to the var name to use it in LOOP_TEST. However, the value assigned to LP_LOOP_COUNT at the beginning of JF execution, seems to be unchangable on the fly. Attached are Job Flows (EXTRACT_6 & EXTRACT_7) illustrating this prob.

  1. EXTRACT_6 has LP_LOOP_COUNT = 25 and executes successfully
  2. EXTRACT_7 has LP_LOOP_COUNT = 25 initially, but has a different value assigned at the beginning of LOOP_TEST. However, the new value is not working. Creating a new variable (not a Job Flow parameter but a local var in LOOP_TEST step) is not working either.

Below is the looper script/command  we have used in the Looper start


for i in `seq 1 $$LOOP_COUNT`;
echo $i

TommyM Beginner Asked on April 6, 2021 in Diyotta Studio.
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1 Answers

change your script command and the below command working as expected. You can replace the FL_PARAM_COUNT with webservice job parameter. 

Looper Command:


END=($FL_Param_count /100)+1

## save $START, just in case if we need it later ##


while [[ $i -le $END ]]


echo “$i”

((i = i + 1))


Expert Answered on April 7, 2021.
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