RE: Is it possible to get the Metadata query to PAUSE multiple jobs based on the agent and Host

We have an upcoming task to upgrade RHEL 7 on all Diyotta agents and Hosts. Naturally, not all the agents are going to be upgrade on same day so we have to PAUSE jobs according to agent and HOST. Like if 22e2 agent is going to be upgrade, so we need to PAUSE all the jobs running on 22E2 irrespective of the project (0BQ, MFS, P6V etc..)

Can you please share some query which will help us to PAUSE the jobs from backend rather than searching a job in Diyotta scheduler and pausing it manually .

WilliamS Beginner Asked on April 12, 2021 in Diyotta Scheduler.
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You need to run the below metadata query from the backend. You will need to use the credentials which are generated as part of the installation.  The below query generates the resultset which has jobflows using the 22e2 agent.

distinct fldr.nm “Project”,
dxflow.nm “Jobflow”,
conn.nm “Connection”,
flagent.nm “Agent”, “Host”
join conn_db_obj_lnk on conn.conn_id = conn_db_obj_lnk.conn_id
join dxflow on conn_db_obj_lnk.dxflow_id = dxflow.dxflow_id
join obj_master on obj_master.obj_id = dxflow.dxflow_id
join fldr on fldr.fldr_id = obj_master.fldr_id
join flagent on flagent.flagent_id = conn.flagent_id
where fldr.reusableflag=’N’ and conn.dbtyp_id =6
order by


Expert Answered on April 20, 2021.
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