RE: I’m trying to separate control DB and Metadata DB which are on PostgeSQL but facing issue while using the external dblink option

I ran following in the Postgres DB running on the agent server.  Everything works until the last step to created a connection to the foreign server running on the controller server.




SELECT pg_namespace.nspname, pg_proc.proname

FROM pg_proc, pg_namespace

WHERE pg_proc.pronamespace=pg_namespace.oid

AND pg_proc.proname LIKE ‘%dblink%’;


SELECT dblink_connect(‘ user=direpusr password=password dbname=direpdb’);


CREATE FOREIGN DATA WRAPPER fdw_dbdirep VALIDATOR postgresql_fdw_validator;


CREATE SERVER svrController FOREIGN DATA WRAPPER fdw_dbdirep OPTIONS (host ‘’, dbname ‘direpdb’, port ‘9003’);


GRANT USAGE ON FOREIGN SERVER svrController TO direpusr;


CREATE USER MAPPING FOR direpusr SERVER svrController OPTIONS (user ‘direpusr’, password ‘password’);


SELECT dblink_connect(‘svrController’);

       SQL Error [08001]: ERROR: could not establish connection

       Detail: missing “=” after “svrController” in connection info string

Payal Beginner Asked on February 26, 2020 in Installation.
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Can you try to provide svrController in lower case svrcontroller, as in Postgresql everything is lowercase


Below are our test results.



direpdb=# SELECT dblink_connect(‘svrController’);
ERROR:  could not establish connection
DETAIL:  missing “=” after “svrController” in connection info string



direpdb=# SELECT dblink_connect(‘svrcontroller’);
(1 row)

Expert Answered on February 28, 2020.
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