RE: How do we use genoptions through cli?

How do we use genoptions through cli?

Karthik78 Beginner Asked on July 17, 2019 in Tools & Utilities.
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This command is used to help for replace or reuse or rename of studio or scheduler objects

for normal import we can’t handle for replace or reuse functionality, so in this genoptions those functionalities included. After executing this genoptions command, then manually we need to update the changes for which datapoint/dataflow we need to replace then while executing import we need to append this file also then it will work with replace/reuse/rename.

Below is the command to execute the command for genoptions

-dicmd genoptions [-u userName -w userPassword] -p ProjectName[should be non-reusable target project name where you want to import] [-g GlobalProjectName] -i InJSONFileName -f OutJSONFileName


-dicmd genoptions -u raghav -w P2wd_4321 -p 1Normal_Blank -i export_td_dp. json -f gen_td_dp.json

If any of the argument missed or wrong with commad, error code will appear like below

-Invalid Command (genoptions).

Advanced User Answered on July 17, 2019.
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