RE: Do we have an option to create bulk dataflows like 10 dataflows at a time??


I have a scenario, where I need to create bulk number of data flows at once. Is there any option to achieve this functionality. Rather than creating all the data flows manually.

TommyM Beginner Asked on February 11, 2020 in Diyotta Studio.
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2 Answers
Yes, through Data Movement Wizard we can create bulk data flows at a time.
1. Click on DMW Wizard in Studio
2. Select required Data base as native from list.
3. Check “Create Data Flow for each Target” check box.
4. Select required sources(different databases can be selected)
5. Select Data objects
6. Select the required data base as target.
7. Select all sources or required sources by checking the check box then click on “Generate Targets” button
We can create bulk data flows in only one native at a time.
Multiple source’s can be from any data base and target database which we choose applies for all the sources
Expert Answered on February 18, 2020.
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