RE: Diyotta Installer is resetting user defined permission on diyotta folders after upgrade. How to prevent that.

We changed the permission on “diyotta/controller/bin” folder to access it from different user. But after applying new patch, its permission got changed to 700. How we can avoid  after each patch upgrade. 

Karthik78 Beginner Asked on July 12, 2019 in Installation.
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1 Answers

Diyotta assigns permission to Diyotta installed files and directories based on the details in the file $DI_HOME/.dichownsetup after upgrade.

By default this file will have following permissions settings-

chmod 750 ${DI_HOME}
chmod -R 770 ${DI_HOME}/app

Any adhoc permissions to Diyotta folder specific to environment needs should be defined in this file. This file is placed when Diyotta is installed for the first time. In later upgrades this file remains untouched.

Expert Answered on July 12, 2019.
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